Dear All British Day Entrant,

Thank you to all who that have submitted entries for All British Day 2017. The numbers are still being counted, but there promises to be a rich diverse cross section of British Engineering on display February 2017 with quite a few vehicles being displayed for the first time at All British Day.

As mentioned in my previous correspondence our entry registration system did not go quite as we would have liked it to but thank you all of you for accommodating us. And thank you to those of you that have advised us of your availability to assist us either with set up or marshalling duties for All British Day simply without you the event could not take place.

Each year we have a feature marque or club in the centre of the main oval, I am pleased to announce that the BSA A65 will featured at All British Day 2017 and I am sure the BSA Club and other motorcycle clubs that will be located around the centre of Oval 1 will put on a first class display.
We will now set to work with staging the event, may I take this opportunity to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and seeing you at All British Day 12/2/2017. The next time you will hear from us will be in mid to late January when you should receive you gate pass (s).

Yours Faithfully
Jamie Sandford-Morgan
All British Day President

All British Day 2017 Entry Form

Entry for All British Day 2017 now closed

Entrants Information

Echunga Recreation Grounds from 9.30am.


It is important that you read all of the enclosed information to ensure you help make this day a smooth one for both us and yourself.

Our Event Area. Echunga Recreation Ground.

Where? 20 minutes up the Freeway to Hahndorf then 10 minutes up the hill to Echunga or detour off the Freeway into Stirling and enjoy a quiet trip through Aldgate and Mylor.

What is it like? This is a multi purpose sports area including tennis courts, net ball courts and two Ovals end to end for Football or Cricket. These playing areas are surrounded with various types and quantities of Australian trees and scrub. “All British Day Australiana”?

Who are our hosts? The local sporting clubs and service groups are the occupiers of this Mount Barker Council owned land. Our huge off site Public Parking area, adjacent to the Recreation Grounds, is land owned by the Echunga Golf Club who have kindly made it available to us.

Will there be catering? The local sporting and service Clubs do the catering for the event. There is a large outdoor area attached to the Club Rooms plus food stalls alongside the second Oval. There is a large club lounge area in the Club Rooms where there is seating and tables with a Bar at one end for those who might like a small drink with their lunch.

Will there be a market or similar activity? There is a market within the actual Recreation Grounds which we will combine with our usual event associated traders.

Childrens Entertainment. The Zoo, Face painting, Punch and Judy.

Where is it and how do I get there? 10klms up the hill from Hahndorf and 20 minutes up the Freeway from Glen Osmond. It is recommended that you DON’T use the main street in Hahndorf. Can you imagine 500 plus vehicles all trying to do a right turn in the main street in the morning? Later in the day a left turn would not be such a problem.

Here are some suggestions: If you come up the freeway turn off at Stirling, travel through Aldgate and Mylor and you will arrive in Echunga. If you live in the East or South come in through Mount Barker, Macclesfield or Meadows.

If you leave the freeway at Hahndorf, or come in from the Balhannah/Verdun direction, drive toward Hahndorf then turn right just past the little bridge into River Road. This will bring you up to the Mylor/Echunga road. Comprehensive maps will be supplied with your gate pass.

A few other points to consider before the day.

  • Oval protection: If your vehicle leaks oil heavily, or petrol, please bring a piece of cardboard to protect the Oval surface with.
  • Under surface Sprinkler System protection: As with our previous ruling all types of surface penetrating spikes, stakes and the like should not be used on the ovals. You should consider other means of anchoring shade tents etc with weights or the like.
  • As in the past we will be requiring Marshal assistance from 9.00am to 11.00am. If you would like to assist please read the enclosed information and indicate on your entry form.
  • The local Council has requested that all tents, shelters and signs be suitable tied down to prevent these items from blowing away and causing damage or injury.



In the event of a catastrophic fire warning for the Echunga district or an advanced forecast temperature given late on the Saturday before the event of 40 degrees the Event will be cancelled. We know you will understand this ruling. Sorry, no entry refunds as we have already spent it on you. Memorabilia will be posted out.

All British Day Awards

  • Shannons Choice - Best Non Motor Cycle Vehicle on the Day.
  • Best Motor Cycle on the Day Sponsored by MDA Motorcycle Engineering
  • Shannons Choice Best Motor Cycle Club Display.
  • The Best Entry from a Lady entrant sponsored by BMC Magazine.
  • Best Vehicle of the Centre Display sponsored by Stirling Jewellers.

How to get there